Unlimited Airtel WiFi calling connection at no extra cost

Make Unlimited voice calls with Airtel Wi-Fi calling service across India to any landline or mobile number without additional costs.

Bharti Airtel has become a pioneer in providing excellent services. From time to time, the telecommunication company has introduced new features and services to make life easier for its customers. 

One of these services is the so-called Airtel Wi-Fi. Also known as a voice call via Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi). The service was launched in late 2019. Initially, Airtel Wi-Fi calls were only available in Calcutta, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. 

Unlimited Airtel Wi-Fi calling connection at no extra cost
But now it has changed. Bharti Airtel has made unlimited Wi-Fi calls available across the country except Jammu and Kashmir.

What can you do with Wi-Fi calling on Airtel?
You can make calls across the country with the help of Airtel's Wi-Fi calling facility. The question remains: why wouldn't someone go for regular calls on this? The answer is that VoWi-Fi calls have no additional costs. 

You only need a smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network. Regardless of whether you have activated a voice calling plan for your prepaid plan, you can make calls across India with the VoWiFi calling service. You will get crystal clear vocal clarity.

Airtel Wi-Fi calling charges and features

With Airtel's Wi-Fi calling service, make calls anywhere in India. You just have to be connected to a working Wi-Fi network. For this it is not necessary to download an additional application. 

The quality of the call will be excellent and the voice you hear will be clear. It will just seem like a normal call. 

But there are some prerequisites for Airtel Wi-Fi calls. A device with Wi-Fi calling is required and it is 4G compatible. 

Keep your smartphone updated to the latest version, then turn on the VoLTE switch and also turn on the Wi-Fi call switch. 

If you want to check if your device supports Wi-Fi calls or not, go to the Airtel website. 

All compatible devices are listed there. If you are worried about Wi-Fi data exhaustion, don't worry. For Airtel Wi-Fi calls require minimal data usage to make internet calls.

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