How to fix slow internet broadband connection speed yourself

Slow Internet broadband connection can be resolved by updating the LAN cable, improving network security and planning Internet use for your family

First thing you've to know that what is a good Internet speed, the best way to access the high-speed Internet from home is to get a broadband connection and check internet speed test.

Fiber broadband connections provide much faster speeds than any 4G network. As more and more people are sitting at home and working, watching videos for entertainment, the demand for data has increased.

How to fix slow internet broadband connection speed yourself
High-speed Internet connection has become a necessity to manage Zoom Call meetings without interruption and stream funny content without interruption. But sometimes getting high-speed broadband service also doesn't work. Slow broadband speeds can be very frustrating. But fortunately, there are steps and ways that you can use to solve them yourself.

Your need to know and ask one question within you why is the internet so slow today, check the issue to find out the solution for slow internet speed and what tips to be followed increase broadband speed hack, steps are.

Tips for solving Slow internet broadband problems

Solve router problems: Sometimes Internet speed slowing down at a crucial moment. But you can try to solve it by running the troubleshooting wizard to see if there is any problem.

You can also try to reconfigure the router settings or simply restart it. It could work for you. In addition, you should always remember to turn off the router every day for at least 10 minutes to rest.

Changing the location of the router: (Ask yourself why is my download speed so slow when i have fast internet) If you install the Broadband Internet router with other electronic devices, low bandwidth speeds are likely to occur. Other electronic devices release electromagnetic waves that cause interference to broadband connectivity.

It is always the best idea to keep the router in open areas of the house, such as hallways. You can also change the angles of the antennas on the router for better signal strength.

Get better security: If you have broadband internet speed so slow, check if your network has unusual users connected to it. You need to make sure that your Internet network is completely secure and password protected so that unwanted people on the network cannot connect and reduce the Internet speed for you.

Don't use VPN: if you're making video calls from Zoom app for online classes or any other application, make sure to turn off the VPN. If left active, it will affect Internet speed and therefore reduce the quality of the video call experience.

Using LAN cables: You need to use LAN cables if you want higher Internet speeds. If you are using a very old LAN cable, you need to replace it immediately. Upgrade your LAN cables to Cat-6 or Cat-6a cables for incredibly high Internet speeds.

Use of the Internet: If there are many people in your family who use the Internet from your own network, you should face low broadband speeds. This will not necessarily happen, but we recommend that you do not stream HD content online if you are making a video call to keep the quality of the video call high.

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