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Spotify premium India offers 3 months free subscription at reduced rates

Free Spotify Premium India available for individual and family users, as well as reduced prices applicable to individual users enrolled in the annual plan.

Spotify announced that the company offers three months of Spotify Premium subscription to eligible users who have not previously subscribed to its premium plans.
Free Spotify Premium India available for individual and family users, as well as reduced prices applicable to individual users enrolled in the annual plan

The Spotify Premium plan allows users to listen to music without ads and access a million podcast titles.

In addition, Spotify Premium allows offline playback for users by making the platform available for users on multiple devices, including speakers and TVs.

In addition, the company announced that its prices for the annual spotify premium plans have been reduced by 51% to Rs 699.

Spotify claimed that the new prices are applicable until June 30th, but are not available for users who have tried Spotify Premium.

Three months free of Spotify Premium Applicable upto 30 June
Spotify claimed that the free reward is applicable to individual and family users, as the offer expires on June 30. The Spotify Premium Family plan connects six accounts in one plan and the company charges Rs 179 per month.

Individual spotify plan users will be charged Rs 119 per month after completing the free spotify premium offer.

It should be noted that the company has an additional offer for those subscribers in the rest of the world with Spotify offering three months of Spotify Premium for US $ 9.99.
The offer is available to individual premium plan users who canceled services by April 14.

The Spotify online catalog now includes Warner content
In April Spotify entered into an agreement with the Warner Music Group after the two companies resolved long-standing licensing issues.

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, said in April that the company has also entered into agreements with other labels that pave the way for an improved Spotify music catalog in India.

"We finalized the Warner deal and added some other important license offers," Ek said in the tender. "In India we have improved the catalog to attact subscribers".

And I can certainly see at least that in social feelings, which is having a very positive impact on users' love for Spotify in India."

Spotify's global rivals, including Apple Music and YouTube Music, also offer free premium packages in India.

Apple Music offers six months of free reward for its student package for both individual and family users.
The individual Apple Music plan costs Rs 99 per month, while the family plan costs Rs 149 per month.

YouTube Music also offers a one month free trial with the individual plan which costs Rs 109 users per month for those who have a prepaid subscription.

However, the company charges Rs 99 per month for those subscribers on a subscription based recurring plan.

Indian major, JioSaavn charges Rs 99 per month from users who switch to their Pro-account. However, the company offers a 67% discount to users of its annual plan, as it offers the Pro account for Rs 399 per year.

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