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PUBG Mobile Lite package app: supports low-end mobile with extra features you need to know

PUBG Mobile package is also available in a slightly modified version of PUBG Mobile Lite which is convenient for players using low-end smartphones

Highlights of PUBG Mobile Lite Package app

PUBG Mobile Lite is available in a small package of 388 MB
PUBG Mobile Lite also has a diluted graphics, but largely has the same game-play

PUBG Mobile Lite package app: supports low-end mobile with extra features you need to know
The Battlefield of Player unknown or popularly known as PUBG has become the most famous game on the planet right now. To increase the accessibility of this game and allow more and more players to join the battlefield, the game's producer has used it on many platforms such as PC, Android and more. However, this does not change the fact that PUBG is still a game that requires resources, regardless of the platform on which you play. To solve this problem, PUBG has also been developed in a Lite version for Android users and, for this reason, interested players can also play on phones with low-end specifications. As expected, there are some obvious cuts in the game and they don't offer the real feel of PUBG Mobile, so here are some of the features of PUBG Mobile Lite and how it differs from the standard version of PUBG Mobile.

Access screens

The first thing that appears in PUBG Mobile Lite with the real version of the game is the home screen and the login screen. The pairing screen in PUBG Mobile Lite is also the same as PUBG Mobile.

The difference in the players

The difference in the number of players is one of the notable differences between PUBG Mobile Lite and the standard PUBG Mobile game. The PUBG phone, as expected, can accommodate multiple players at a time and this number reaches 100 players at a time, not in the case of PUBG Mobile Lite. In the diluted version of PUBG for mobile phones, there are a maximum of 40 players competing for chicken dinner at the same time.

Game mode

This is another difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. While PUBG Mobile offers many modes to players, PUBG Mobile Lite players are limited to choosing between teams, duets and single games in TPP. Although in the coming days it is possible for Tencent to extend more modes to PUBG Mobile Lite.

Graphics and map

There are also some differences in the map and graphics of PUBG Mobile Lite, since the map in the game appears to be an excerpt from Erangel's current map. Even the game's graphics have been adjusted to have a little less breadth to make the game more fluid for smartphones with lower specifications.

Application size

To be easy with the phones on which PUBG Mobile Lite will run, the game was designed so that it is contained in a small 388 MB package. On the other hand, the actual size of PUBG Mobile is 1.8 GB, which makes PUBG Mobile Lite the correct option for people who aspire to play in low memory.

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