OMG! 5G in India Every thing you need to know? 5G speed and benefits

4G connections take average about half an hour to download an HD movie. Whereas in 5G Download of HD movie will be completed in about 25 to 40 seconds. 

Gradually the world of 5G mobile services and 5G compatible phones are emerging. In some countries, this new generation network is experimentally beginning, with the latest addition to China. India is also planning to launch the services soon. This can be seen in technological changes in the life of eternal life. High internet speed is not expected to occur in the early days of 5G launch in India. First of all, it can be used by network operators as a way to increase the current 4G (Long-Term Evolution-LTE) capacity and provide consistent services. Finally, the operator uses 5G technology on a spectrum band? Speed depends on how much money is spent on new towers and transmitters.

Speed difference between 3G, 4G and 5G

It is evident that the speed of 10 to 100 times the speed of 5G frequency can be achieved compared to 4G. It is expected to gradually increase the speed of 10 thousand MBBS.
  • 3G Internet speed: 3.1Mbps
  • 4G Internet speed: 1000Mbps
  • 5G Internet speed: 10,000Mbps 

In which countries 5G services launched or tested?

Britain, South Korea, the United States and Australia have already begun 5G commercial services at the primary level. In recent times, the 'EE' company has been working on its services. Vodafone announced it would start services from July. Now that China has entered the field, it is expected that the country will be the leader in 5G services in the future.

In India the price war started

Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad recently announced that the launch of the experimental 5G mobile networks will begin in 100 days and auction of spectrum at the end of this year. However, the Indian Cellular Operators Association (COAI) has said that the base price of the bid is unbearable. Which is much higher than other countries in the world. However, some companies claim that they will be able to think about 5G prices if the 5G system is still in the initial stages of the price. As a result, 5G services are likely to be delayed in India. On the basis of the base price, a company will have to pay $142 million for 5G spectrum services across the country.

Allocation of 5G spectrum

5G allocated spectrum: 20 MHz in 3300-3600 MHz spectrum band in India
Price: Mega Herz is Rs 492 crores

GSM Association estimates by 2025 (in India)
92 crores: Number of mobile subscribers
8.8 crores: The number of 5G connections by 2025 (in China)
30%: 5G share in total connections

Details and Know about What is 5G?

  • 5G technology or Fifth Generation (fifth generation) is the sophisticated version of the mobile internet speed of 5G. The download speed and upload speed is very high. It is crucial to use the spectrum of radio waves more efficiently.
  • The use of radio waves in any frequency, new regulations on how to make the cell towers. They were decided at a convention in California in May last year.
  • Base stations are very small due to 5G standard. This makes it easier for cell phone towers to be set up.
  • Now we can do all the things that we do with mobile phones, faster and faster. More and more devices can simultaneously connect to the 5G mobile internet. Extensive coverage and more sustainable connections are also possible. You can check video streaming and with 5G speed Videos will not frozen. Video calls are even clearer, more flawless.
  • 4G connections take average about half an hour to download an HD movie. Whereas in 5G Download of HD movie will be completed in about 25 to 40 seconds.
  • The more advanced smart glasses are possible with the augmented reality, the mobile virtual reality. The Internet of Things' (IOT), which integrates many things into the Internet, artificial intelligence widespread. This makes homes and cities more smart.
  • Drone activities are much better. Analyzes, traffic monitoring, and interacting rapidly with each other; Help, rescue operations etc.
  • 5G enabled phones are crucial to analyze the Google map for locations and controlling of traffic data every moment is possible in communications between self-propelled vehicles.
  • Delay in communications delivery is low
  • Fitness instruments that are more healthier, keep track of our health from time to time. The emergency doctors alert you quickly during emergency.

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