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Online way of transferring Voter ID card to another state

Online form for transferring the electoral card from one state to another state very easily.
Before the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana will take place before the end of the year. If you come from one state to another, in such a situation, there will certainly be many questions about the electoral card in your mind. After switching to another state, you will not need to create a new identity card. After changing cities, you must update your address with a change in the Legislative Assembly / Parliamentary Electoral District. You can change the address on your current electoral card and to do this you do not need to go around with the Voter ID card office.
Online form for transferring the electoral card from one state to another state very easily.

In this article we will tell you how you can make changes. Read carefully and follow the each important steps.

Make online changes to the voter's ID card

1) First, visit the website of the National Voting Services Portal
2) At the bottom of the national voting service portal, you will see an option to improve the entries in the voter list.
3) After clicking on the improvement of the entries in the list of voters, the Form 8 form will open.
4) At the top you will see the state / Legislative Assembly / Parliamentary Electoral District.
5) Do not forget to enter the names, the part number of the electoral lists, the serial number of the electoral lists.
6) Enter all the information concerning the parent / spouse
7) Enter your current address.
8) Enter the identification number of the election photo.
9) Then, upload the most recent photograph, the valid identification and the proof document of the address.
10) In the number D or e you have selected
11) Please provide the mobile number and the identification e-mail
12) After completing the application and reading carefully, click on the Submit button.

Election card

1) Two passport-sized photographs
2) address test documents
3) bank book / post office
4) ration card
5) passport
6) Driving license
7) Income tax declaration
8) Last rental contract
9) Last bill (water, gas, telephone, etc.)
10) Certificate of age.
11) Aadhar card
12) Pan Card
13) Copy of the existing electoral card (both sides)

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