Call Drop Test except Reliance Jio Telecom firms have failed

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said that all telecom operators except Reliance Jio failed to reach the benchmark at the call drops examination. TRAI has conducted a test on call drops in various National Highways and Railways across the country.
Call Drop Test except Reliance Jio Telecom firms have failed

The performance of various telecom networks on National Highways and Railways is different and the benchmark, set up for any other network calldrop except the JIO network, has failed to reach.
The TRAI report revealed that, In terms of quality regulations, in a telecom circle of a network suddenly the call cut should not be more than 2 percent.

The test carried at eight highways, were from Asansol to Gaya, Digha to Asansol, Gaya to Danapur, Dehradun to Nainital, Bengaluru to Murdeshwar, Raipur to Jagdalpur, Mount Abu to Jaipur and Srinagar to Leh. While the three railway routes which were covered in the drive tests were the routes from Delhi to Mumbai, Allahabad to Gorakhpur and Jabalpur to Singrauli.

TRAI said Bharti Airtel 3G, 2G networks, Vodafone Idea and BSNL networks were unable to complete the call drops in four highways and three railways. Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL) also failed in the test.

From Airtel Gaya to Dhanapur Highway and three train routes, Vodafone Idea from Raipur to Jagdalpur, three train routes could not reach a call setup rate (CSR).

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