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NaMo launches BHIM Aadhaar Thumb payment app for Non-Smartphone users and earn Cashback Rs.10 for referral

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has announced the launch of BHIM app based on the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) in last year December, 2016.UPI is a payment platform works on IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) which is known as ‘Virtual Private Address’ to transfer/receive funds. But through this updated features of BHIM Aadhaar app users no need Internet connection, wallet and Smartphone for payment of any type of bills.

On occasion of 126th birth anniversary of Dr.Br.Ambedkar Shri Narenadra Modi launched BHIM Aadhaar app with ‘New India, New Economy’ tag line for Indian citizens who don’t have Smartphones. 

How BHIM Aadhaar is different with BHIM mobile app?
This app is exclusively developed for merchants where any Indian citizen who owns bank account and linked with Aadhar card can make cash payments using THUMB without having Smartphone.

The merchant should have Installed BHIM Aadhar app on their Smartphone phone along with fingerprint authentication. After successful shopping by customer at the time of payment cash need to select bank account and enter his/her 12 digits Aadhaar card number in the app and after that scan fingerprint to make payment. That’s it you’ve done cash payment from bank without any difficulty. 

BHIM Aadhaar would benefit for all Indians who don’t know usage of Smartphones for payment of cash at their nearest shops simply Indian citizen need Bank account linked with Aaadhaar card and fingerprint registered at the bank. User before avail service needs to verify and maintain above bank deposit amount for easy transaction and payments.

The payment will be carried out without any bar-codes scan or QR code scan and importantly without the need for a smartphone/Internet connection/Wallet/Mobile banking.

Currently, 27 banks of India along with 3 lakhs merchants are under this platform. 

Besides this, PM modi said, ‘For every person you introduce to the BHIM app, will get a cash back of Rs.10. ‘If you refer 20 people a day you can earn Rs.200…so on. This incentive for every referral earned will be credited to bank account immediately’ under Digidhan movement.

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