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Delhi Airtel 3G subscribers will get 4G speed data usage with upgraded services

Airtel upgrades 3G network with 4G services
Maximum number of mobile subscriber telecom operator Bahrati Airtel has announced the up-gradation of its 3G network in Delhi metro circle.

Airtel customers soon will face some network problems due to upgrade of 3G network across Delhi.

In a statement Bharati Airtel CEO for Delhi NCR said, ‘Our engineers will be working through the night to ensure your services continue to work in an uninterrupted manner even as we make this change. Yet there may be some teething issues you could face in the next few days. We would request you to bear with us so as to deliver a world class Delhi network for you by December’.

Soon they will get 4G speed on 3G rates and Aritel requests feedback from the customers and promises that every concern will be taken care with due respect.

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