Vodafone introduces Unique 3-in-One Smart SIM Cards for its customers

The second largest Telecom Company in India Vodafone announced to offer Unique 3-in-One Smart SIM cards for their subscribers to compete with other telecom players across the country.

As per latest information from Vodafone has introduced a comparable SIM card, which is essential to subscribers to access upcoming 4G LTE services in five telecom circles (Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Kerala, Karnataka and Kolkata). The new 3-in-1 SIM card available in 128K capacity can be used as normal/micro/nano SIM card on mobile devices. Most of the customers having advanced version

 handsets will benefit through this new launch compatible micro or nano SIM card slots.

Vodafone 3-in-1 SIM card available from Vodafone stores and customer will not be charged any charges if they show original SIM and submit necessary documents at Vodafone outlets as Vodafone doesn’t have an easy SIM swap facility in their stores.

If customer visit Vodafone outlet for SIM swap then they have to wait for two hours for new SIM card activate without losing account balance and data benefits. Customers coming through Mobile Number Portability (MNP) from other network can get the newer Smart SIM from Vodafone Stores by providing necessary documents.

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