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TataSky to introduced Ultra SD, HD packs to replace existing Mega SD, HD packs

Leading DHT operator in India TataSky to replace the existing Mega SD and HD packs with high-price Ultra SD and HD packs for both south as well as rest of India Subscribers.

The company is planned to hike the tariff of its most popular premium existing packs price and reintroduce with Ultra packs in the market.

The existing Mega packs offering all channels and active services through TataSky excluding (HBO defined, HBO hits, Muniplex, Topper channels) special channels available in semi annual, annual and biennial subscription period.

The above revision of Mega packs and will market it as Ultra packs with effect from 24th November, 2015 onwards.

The existing Mega packs and Ultra packs details for Rest of India subscribers

The existing Mega Pakcs and Ultra packs details for South Zone subscribers
The mega pack the Utra pack also includes free service visits by TataSky technicians and free relocation of connection.

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