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Save searched area or city maps through Google Maps for Offline usage

Smartphone users for further reference has saved Google maps for searched areas but Google disabled this option on their Google app. The giant search engine after receiving huge feedback from users has decided to bring back update version with option which was disabled earlier to save Google maps for offline use.
In this way Google maps installed mobile users can start using Google Maps Offline once again.

When mobile users won’t find any internet connectivity in remote areas in that situations it better to store or save those route map in advance from Google maps when mobile internet connectivity is not available. Currently this option is available for Android enabled smartphone users in future will be extended to iOS enabled mobile users too. 

Recently Google has joined hands with State runs Telecom Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to provide WiFi connectivity across the country through Balloons and Drones. Google started focused on Indian market and other developing nations where cellular connectivity is not consistent. 

Google brought this feature before 2 to 3 years back now rolled out with update version for mobile users.
So, if your mobile phone not enabled with Google maps then install it and use update version to save Google maps on your mobile device for an area or a city on the search result.

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