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Sold Smartphone Personal data can be easily retrieved despite data deleted

When mobile users decided to scrap or sell it running mobile/tablet device and buy newly launched mobile/tablet then what is the precautions may be implemented while selling mobile phone. Simply deleting files on smartphone is not be enough there are many softwares available in market to retrieve data from mobile. When this situation go beyond when hacker is ready to steal your personal data from used smartphone sold online, despite consumers deleting their data.

Leading online security software services like AVAST said they can easily able to recover nearly 40K personal data from used devices which were sold online like images of family, browsing history, email IDs, text messages, contact information, special notes, and four previous owner’s identities of the sellers and one completed loan application.

Nearly 80K used smartphones are ready on ebay in the US for sale. Mobile sellers don’t have enough idea about that they are selling their memories and their identities along with mobile device.
Deleting personal data from mobile device is not enough software can be recovered all the information stored before deletion unless you completely overrite it said, Jude McColgan, President of Mobile at AVAST.

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