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Official ‘Chhota Bheem 3D Game’ Free Download for your mobile

If you ask any children what is your favorite cartoon Television serial then immediately says, ‘Chhota Bheem’. Around ninety percent of children are addicted to ‘Chhota Bheem’ cartoon Television serial comes on Pogo channel. Not only children adults are also watching this cartoon television serial along with their children daily to make children busy or time-pass. Children are going on imagination to become as ‘Chhota Bheem’ and make adventure things, eat Laddu, but it is not possible real life. Here, children don’t worry you can make adventure things from your mobile (Smartphone) enable with Android version OS to download ‘Chhota Bheem’ real 3D game.

The description on Googleplay store, Take on the role of Chhota Bheem as he explores the dense forests near Dholakpur to find Daku Dangal Singh and his men!
Run, jump, slide, zip-line and fly though a dangerous and challenging landscape while attacking the enemies with your enchanted stick. There are various magical items that will help you in your perilous quest!
Game Features:
1. Official Chhota Bheem 3D game
2. 4 Challenging levels
3. One epic boss battle!
4. Endless mode to test your reflexes
5. Ability to Run, Jump, Slide, Free Fall and Zip-line
6. Simple Control scheme
Avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding
Collect Coins to buy items or upgrade power-ups
Run, glide down zip-lines and free fall down bottomless cliffs.
Battle enemies while you run, attacking them with an Enchanted Stick
Fight Daku Dangal Singh (Daku Mangal Singh's right hand man) in an epic boss battle!a

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