New Year offer announced by Karnataka Telecom Circle

Telecom circle of Karnataka extended the "Karnataka Mitra" scheme under 2G and 3G Prepaid Mobile service as follows:
Basic Sim : Rs.20/- for 2G and Rs.59/- for 3G
FRC: Rs.29/- for both 2G and 3G
Free talkvalue: 50min. to any network to be used in first 30 days.
Vallidity: Life time
Call charges
Local/STD/Roaming : 1ps/sec to BSNL, to all other network.
ISD call charges: As per General Plan
SMS charges
FREE SMS  : 100 Local SMS per month.
Charges beyond free limit: Local 50ps/- and National 60ps/-, ISD Rs.5/-
Friends and Familly charges
F&F numbers : To any 5 numbers of any network within Karnataka Telecom circle
F&F Charges (on-net) : 10ps/min
F&F charges (Off-net) : 30ps/min
Change of F&F numbers : Rs.10/- change per number.
All other charges will remain as per General Prepaid plan
STV applicability : All 2G STVs along with SMS STVs are allowed.
Important Notes:
FRC 29 has to be activated through CTOP UP only.
50 Minutes free talk time is only for Local calls to any network and charges is at 60 sec pulse rate for this free usage of 50 minutes.
BSNLtariff 1ps/sec comes as a part of the scheme.
The customers can choose the 5 Friends and family numbers by sending SMS as follows:
FFE<space>1st any number<space>2nd any number<space>3rd any number<space>4th any number<space>5th any number 
send SMS to 53733
The customers can change or Modify their Friends and Family numbers by sending as:
FFM<space>1st number<space>2nd number<space>3rd number<space>4th number<space>5th number 
send SMS to 53733.
Rs.10 will be charged per number.
Life time validity means the customer has to topup with a minimum amount of Rs.220/- every six months or the customer can use any of the Topups to get extension and usage value.
Initial validity wil lbe 180 days.
Also any exisiting 2g and 3G customer can get Karnataka Mirtra features by using RCV-96 via Easy recharge. This will be applicable to both 2G and 3G customers and the customers will get Rs.50/- talk value and initial validity of 180 days.

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