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Idea Cellular new 3G advertisement

!dea Cellular has taken a route and is sticking to it in its promotional campaigns. It has been quite some time, since Idea cellular embarked on the theme of providing telephony solution to some social issues in ' What an Idea Sirji Campaign' starting from 'Caste War', 'Education for All', 'Democracy', 'Walk When You Talk', 'Use Mobile, Save Paper', and 'Break the Language Barrier' and now it is ' No Abadi, No Barbadi" because people are " 3G Pe Busy".
Most of the students of my time who have read biology would recall that one of the reasons cited (in school textbooks) behind over population especially in rural India is lack of entertainment avenues. Due to absence of power and no Tv, people especially in rural areas indulge more into conjugal entertainment leading to extension of family. Idea Cellular's latest campaign on 3G hits on this point and claims on lighter vein that 3G entertainment can control population inflation.
The ad is full of humor and shows Brand Ambassador Abhishek Bachchan explaining to a friend that the root cause of over population in our country is the unavailability of entertainment options for people. He suggests Idea 3G and its many innovative applications such as – Mobile TV, Gaming, Video Calling, Social Networking on Super Fast Internet – that offer non-stop entertainment to help people stay connected and entertained.
The ad leaves a message that there will be 'No Aabaadi, No Barbaadi' because people will be '3G pe Busy'. The mood of the ad is light and humorous, yet with a strong connect with a larger audience, as it features people from various parts of the country, reacting similarly once their only source of entertainment i.e. TV is shut down due to a power-cut!
According to Mr. Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular "Idea brand campaigns have always celebrated Champion ideas which have the power to change the society and the way we live. This time, the Champion idea is 3G which has a strong entertainment appeal, and has been designed to resonate with the larger audience, on a critical subject that looms large on the country. On the other hand, it also promotes some of our 3G based mobile applications. We have planned a 360 degree communication program to promote the campaign and drive awareness."
So far , !dea cellular ads in What an Idea Sirji series have done fairly well in grabbing attention and engaging the customer. On the back of successful campaigns. Idea Cellular has gained maximum in post MNP scenario and also has highest percentage of VLR active numbers.

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