Bsnl employees news: Warning to 62 thousand employees of BSNL


Bsnl employees news: Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has given a stern warning to BSNL employees to pack their bags and leave the company if they are not able to work properly. He said that BSNL employees should leave the attitude of 'Government job'. He said that the government is taking many steps to bring the company into profit and also the employees should do their work properly.

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He said that he will review the performance of the employees every month and said that the employees who are not working properly will be given early retirement. Times of India reported that Vaishnav commented that MTNL has no 'future'. 

MTNL has no future. We can't help it. We all know what problems MTNL is facing. We will take different measures regarding this organization.

According to Times of India report, Vaishnav has given warning to 62 thousand employees of BSNL. He had a meeting with the senior management of this telecom company. 

It is known that the government has announced a revival package worth Rs. 1.64 crores to save the loss-making BSNL. 'If you can't do it, move the shop. You should have no doubts about this. It will be like this from now on," said Vaishnav..

Compete with Reliance Jio, Bharati Airtel..

Related persons claimed that Vaishnav told the company's employees that BSNL should compete fiercely with Reliance Jio and Airtel for customers. Those who feel unable to work can take the Voluntary Retirement Scheme VRS without a face and go home. If we decide to take VRS we will use 56J (Rule for Early Retirement). Therefore, the employees have to work well."

Dirty BSNL offices

Vaishnav alleged that not only the operations of the organization continued to be poor but also that the offices of BSNL were not clean. On this occasion, he stated that he had inspected the BSNL telephone exchange in Jharsuguda (Odisha) and was disgusted by the filth there. He said that if the maintenance is not proper, he will not sit back and head officers will have to take responsibility for this.

Head officers will be hunted. This is sure, those working in offices and their supervisors also have to take responsibility,' he warned. Vaishnav said that he will closely monitor the performance of the employees from now on. We took a risk by giving a package of Rs 1.64 lakh crore to BSNL. Whatever the problem we are behind BSNL. We hope that 62,000 employees will also comply at this level," the minister clarified.


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